[Sixteen x Sixteen]

[Sixteen x Sixteen] (Sixteen by Sixteen) symbolises the contrast of 8 individuals as
mounted as diptych.

The first frames (on the left) are a contemporary reference of the individuals expressing
themselves as they normally would when not given the command to pose for a photograph
which also serves as a symbol of individual freedom and free-will.

The second frames (on the right) reference the traditional method or form of portraiture
which served a nonchalant form of expression and the lack of freedom or free-will as
seen on many a photograph of our elderley generation.

Technically, the “16 X 16” photograph format serves as reference as medium format frame rate for large
photographic prints, giving the character of the portraits a related feel.

The number 16 also symbolises the day in which the youth were granted freedom of expression
and a voice in South Africa whilst

[Sixteen x Sixteen] plays highly on the notes progress of
contemporary and traditional methods of subtle, emotive portraiture
and expression whilst working on youth expression during this youth month.