Thanda Kunene — Multimedia Practitioner

A Day In The Life Of A Mind Living With Hyperactivity

The brief given was a mock film pitch for VICE Africa to come up with a concept of “A day in the life of ________ living with _______.” which could’ve been about literally any topic.

I decided to work on the subject topic of a individuals working and living under the conditions of bipolar, hyperactivity (I.e ADHD), claustrophobia, insomnia, schizophrenia and any mental health occurrences which feel as if the individual lives between two minds whilst stuck in one body.

The film’s big idea was “You are not alone” which dabbles in you not being the only one in this case of “struggle” whilst not being alone in your silence.

Special shout out to Lwazi and Smiso for the technical assistance and art direction.